Summer 2022 Return of Making Art Your voice at Oxford Gardens.

This Summer I had the opportunity to return to the school where I had taught the children in their early years of primary school.

At the time the Grenfell Tower fire was fresh and it seemed the best way for me to contribute positively – to give the children a visual skills for a future visual voice for a year. Fast forward Summer 2022 these kids were not waist height anymore and some were taller than me – not hard to do!

I spent the summer traveling back and forth, teaching on a Monday and using the Tuesday to catch up and use the teaching space for as an art residency. This involved recording the school in drawings at play or at quiet times. In teaching I had the classes using willow charcoal, putty rubbers, pencils, acrylic and glass paints. Sometimes learning to work from observation (from orchids) and other times from photographs of exotic birds and fish.

The project and most of the materials were supported by Dryad Education. If you would like to support this project with materials please do get in touch.

I plan to return to the school in the summer of 2023.