• The Colour Factory 25 year celebration: Exhibition of Student Art & Winchester Live Art Night

    The Colour Factory 25 year celebration:  Exhibition of Student Art & Winchester Live Art Night

    The Colour Factory 25 year celebration:
    Exhibition of Student Art & Winchester Live Art Night
    This summer we celebrated our 25 year anniversary of The Colour Factory!
    On Saturday 27th June we held the first ever “Winchester Live Art Night”. It was very successful evening that brought the whole community together to raise funds for a good cause and toast The Colour Factory birthday.
    Professional artists and budding artists/students from our workshops and courses had half an hour to complete an original artwork. The finished pieces were then blind auctioned and paintings by The Colour Factory artists raffled to raise money for a charity that is close to our hearts, NP-UK.
    I’ld never heard of Nieman Picks disease, not until I met one of my students and her daughter who are both passionate about art. This is a rare neuro-degenerative condition, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to support the charity and raise awareness. We raised a fabulous £2210 on the night! It took a lot of organising and everyone pulled together to make it a success.
    It was a great way for the local community and all those who have supported The Colour Factory artists over the last 25 years to see how exciting and varied the creative process can be. Everyone was on a high at the end of the evening with participants saying they rather enjoyed it in the end and the guests asking if we could please do it again next year!

  • Plein air, drawing and painting at St Cross Hospital

    Plein air, drawing and painting at St Cross Hospital

    So it June and what a fabulous way to begin the summer - arm yourself with drawing and painting skills to record your summer.

    In this idyllic setting I meet the students and introduce them to new materials and exercises to improve hand eye coordination. Like ballet dancers we need to do our stretches - I disarm any hesitancy by getting the students to work from observation in quick fun challenges. Soon they have four drawings under their belts and are actually recording accurately, not what they know but what they can see! And we have visits from birds, bees and butterflies, it is a little peace of heaven.

  • Bring on 2019

    Bring on 2019

    So its 2019.

    News from the studio: I'm currently working on paintings in response to my teaching at Oxford Gardens Primary School, post Grenfell fire. It was a rewarding time - to give and see the children flourish with creative learning and output. I have been pouring over my sketch books with drawings, collages and abstract paintings. Its all about capturing the absurd but also life affirming juxtaposition. It is a senseless and wholly preventable tragedy of a burnt out tower block against the free and joyful playing of the children, chasing, swinging, skipping, building games and learning.

    I'm also continuing my observations from still life and landscapes flavoured with memory, like Bonnard.

    Teaching: The beginners and intermediary students are in touch with their creative selves marvellously. This term it's portraits - so I have demonstrated building tone with ink, building mark making skills with oil pastels and paint. We have looked at Vincent Van Gogh, John Singer Sargent, and next week Van Doesburg .

    To see photos from my classes please see Instagram - Rosie Parmley.

  • Summer exhibiton at The Colour Factory

    Summer exhibiton at The Colour Factory

    The second year of our student summer exhibition has come to an end. It's been a fabulous show of art ranging from drawings, still life studies, portraits and abstract paintings. Thank you to all those who submitted art work and sketchbooks.

    Learning how to draw and paint can be challenging and at times it may seem like you've hit a brick wall and want to start a new. Many of my students say they don't want to press on but I encourage all of them to carry push through that wall. Only then, through mistakes will they make any progress and move on up. So this exhibition gives my students the opportunity to see their art in a clean gallery context and amongst peers. It's a celebration of their successes with a glass of Pimms and a chance for family and friends to see what they've been up to at their art class.

  • Residency at Oxford Gardens

    Residency at Oxford Gardens

    Teaching at the school was a positive step in the aftermath of the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower that is on the doorstep of Oxford Gardens Primary School. It was all that I could do, give my skills and teach from the heart.

    One of the first feelings of emotion was the horror of the fire and the strange juxtapositioning of the children hopscotching in the playground, running round and playing games. Those memories are the starting point of drawings and paintings. This is a sketch made of charcoal, and felt tip pen. While I was teaching I was recording in a sketch book.

    I admire the art of Joan Eardley and she used to paint from the slums in Glasgow. Ethel and Marcus, great artists once gave me a book of her art at an exhibition we set up together. She said my paintings had the spirit of Joan's paintings.

  • Making Art Your Voice

    Making Art Your Voice

    The show has been well received by the community and in particular the children and their parents - to see their faces when they find their art work on a gallery wall is priceless!

    I hope to continue the project and passing on my skills as an artists and teacher (sketch book skills, drawing and painting) and then exhibiting their art work in a professional gallery. The project aims to build confidence and arm the children with a visual voice. For those of you that have just found me, I have volunteered my time teaching the children of Oxford Gardens Primary School - in response to the Grenfell Tower fire which dominates the skyline. The whole community has been affected and has come together to make a difference. I will be seeking funding to continue and anyone interested in supporting the project please do get in touch via rosieparmley@yahoo.co.uk

  • Making Art Your Voice

    Making Art Your Voice
  • Making Art Your Voice

    Making Art Your Voice

    I began this project in response to the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. Oxford Gardens Primary School sits beneath it and the school had its windows screened from the tower when I arrived in that September. The plan was to volunteer my time and art skills to give the children a visual voice in a sketch book.

    Once a week I take over the art room and teach year ones, twos and an afterschool art club to year 6. The children love the exposure to art materials not normally seen in the classroom, charcoal, Indian Ink, Brusho, embossing - gold leaf to name a few.

    I have funding from RBKC to continue the project and put on an exhibition of their art. This will be at The Tabernacle in Nottinghill, the May half term. I want all the children to see their art in a gallery context with their names - to boost their confidence and show them how wonderful they are.

    The school has a special place in my heart, it is where my children went to nursery and school, where I worked and where I began my first residency. Sarah Cooper is an outstanding, inspiration Head teacher who motivates and nourishes the school with love, care and confidence.

    Seeing the tower the first time since the fire was a complete horror, how could this happen? In contrast playground life seems to carry on, with chasing and agility games of all sorts. Don't get me wrong, there are times when this is shattered and there is quiet sobbing, but the spirit of these fabulous children lift and move everyone on, to focus on what is good.

  • Summer Exhibition of Student Art

    Summer Exhibition of Student Art

    For the first time, we are putting on a fabulous show of art produced by students on our workshops and courses at The Colour Factory. This image is by one of my students Anne Leeming inspired by John Piper and his collage technique. Love this! There are oil paintings, abstractions, still life studies and printmaking. Contact info@thecolourfactory.org.uk or phone 01962 870789 for more information.

  • Painting at St Cross, Winchester Plein air

    Painting at St Cross, Winchester Plein air

    Its been a fabulous summer so far. I have prepared all students for the last term with exercises and lessons in drawing and painting on location. Students can decided whether to do 6 mornings or 3 whole days. The whole days are a real revelations to students as you can spend the morning warming up and picking a suitable location and the afternoon is spent completing a good study.

    We had a visit on the first day form some friendly cows who weren't interested in us, just the grass we were sitting on.

  • Evening class Painting with Abstraction

    Evening class Painting with Abstraction

    This 8 week course ends with two weeks where students get to choose their favourite abstract artist from the course and create a homage on canvas. Most students this time around chose Helen Frankenhaler and her soak stain technique. She used pouring, tape, sponges, household brushes and splodges. By the end of the course student confidence is high and they feel liberated to explore processes and mediums. Its a joy to teach. We will be having an exhibition of student work in June this year. Photos to follow.

  • Evening class Painting with Abstraction

    Evening class Painting with Abstraction

    A great way to flick, brush and sqeegey the toils of the day away with an evening of learning how to paint like an abstract artist. Each week the class starts with a presentation and summary of an artist their medium and process of making. Then through exercises and a demonstration you are then free to explore the process.

  • Art Classes at The Colour Factory

    Art Classes at The Colour Factory

    Taster day
    info@thecolourfactory.org.uk/01962 870789

  • Art classes at The Colour Factory

    Art classes at The Colour Factory
  • Testimonials

    "Rosie was a brilliant teacher - enthusiastic and full of ideas. I hadn’t done ‘art’ since failing my O level art and was a bit apprehensive about the day, but enjoyed every moment of it. We experimented with lots of different materials from charcoal and coloured ink to things I'd never heard of. The time just flew by and I walked home afterwards on a real high. I never expected to take away my own painting on a canvas, but there it was - and I can even bear to look at it without flinching." Jenny, Taster Day.

    "Exceeded all imagination and expectation. The classes are fun and relaxing with supoert leadership and care from Rosie. Our classmates all support one another and enjoy sharing our unique experiences and perspectives. A real Joy." Sue, Drawing and Painting Course.

    "I really look forward to my Friday mornings", Dawn, Drawing and painting course.

    " Rosie had made me feel I can do it and that is a vary special skill to have!" Jennie